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Mohammad Harun-Ur-Rashid

Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Concerning the current wave of expanding corporate ventures and flourishing economic growth around the world, Bangladesh can in no way be thought and of course is not beyond the process. Significantly, commercial dealings inevitably lead to issues between businesses and their clients that necessitate a major resolution through legal proceedings. In order to accomplish this, we have taken on additional responsibility and, in consideration of the expectations and requirements of our distinguished clients, have staffed our business with knowledgeable legal professionals who have a thorough understanding and requisite expertise in providing our clients with the services they need for both in litigation and documentation.

The Harun Law Firm, one of the top law-firms in the market, was established in 2021 by Mr Barrister Harun who is a Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn, London) and an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Our main focus is on providing corporate clients with comforts and conveniences so they can leave their headaches in our hands to be resolved as effectively as possible. In addition to serving corporate customers, the fields of practice we focus on also include civil, criminal, service, admiralty, and a long range of different legal challenges. As a result, we work with a variety of clients, including individual clients and corporate entities.

We firmly think that the application of fundamental principles to verified facts leads to the ultimate resolution of a legal issue. The majority of the lawyers employed by the firm received their education and training from reputable legal schools and colleges both inside and outside of Bangladesh. Additionally, they have developed their knowledge and abilities while working in the top law firms. . We do not adhere to any format developed by a legal professional, like other people. As a result, our client has come to trust us. Our standing has improved thanks to this trust. The fact that our employees come from a variety of backgrounds has made it simple for us to put together a distinctive system that combines international knowledge with home standards that our clients do demand.

The business respects all of its clients equally, whether they are private individuals, businesses, or governments at all levels of the world, and it takes pride in providing them with professional services that demonstrate dedication and honesty. We are enlisted with numerous banks and have been continuously rendering services to their branches Alongside the clients we have been working for, The HARUN LAW FIRM is impeding the expansion of the corporate sector into other areas, such as non-banking financial enterprises, major national corporations, and multinational corporations. We have no boundaries in our corporate law practice. Since the law and how it is applied are subject to constant change, we do not believe in boundaries. However, depending on the circumstance, we have a specialized section to handle each case’s requirements.

The firm, HARUN LAW FIRM, is focused on providing its clients with swift, effective services that may also be of the highest caliber and excellence. We would also want to emphasizes that we are a law firm that puts its clients first and is available round-the-clock to provide assistance on legal difficulties of any kind, which helps us win our clients’ entire trust.

Supreme Court of Bangladesh